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Information About RESA

For specific information on the Resident Educator Program, eligibility requirements, and assessment modification requests, please visit the Ohio Department of Education, Resident Educator Program web site at Resident-Educator-Program or contact the Resident Educator Program Team at:

Technical Support and System Questions

Participating educators and assessors will be given access to an online platform to support the Ohio RESA. All users should ensure their computer meets the minimum technical requirements to access the system.

If you have any technical questions about the submission process or have any issues using the RESA Submission System, please contact the RESA Help Desk:

RESA Help Desk Email Support:

RESA Help Desk Phone Support: 1-888-399-7556 (Toll Free)

Phone Support Schedule:

-Dec 20 (First Day of Phone Support): 9am-6pm ET


-Dec 23: 9am-6pm ET

-Dec 24: Closed

-Dec 25: Closed

-Dec 26: 9am-6pm ET

-Dec 27: 9am-6pm ET


-Dec 30: 9am-6pm ET

-Dec 31: 9am-6pm ET

-Jan 1: Closed

-Jan 2: 9am-6pm ET

-Jan 3: 9am-6pm ET


-Jan 6: 9am-8pm ET

-Jan 7: 9am-8pm ET

-Jan 8: 9am-8pm ET

-Jan 9: 9am-8pm ET

-Jan 10: 9am-8pm ET


-Jan 13: 8am-Midnight ET

-Jan 14: 8am-Midnight ET

-Jan 15: 8am-Midnight ET

-Jan 16: 8am-Midnight ET

-Jan 17: 8am-Midnight ET


-Jan 20: 7am-Midnight ET

-Jan 21: 7am-Midnight ET

-Jan 22: 7am-Midnight ET

-Jan 23: 7am-Midnight ET

-Jan 24: 7am-Midnight ET