December 15, 2017

December Update: Common Questions to the RESA Help Desk

The RESA Lesson Reflection deadline, January 19, is a little more than a month away! Congrats to many of you who have already submitted your Lesson Reflection and are done with the RESA. To those of you who are still working in the system, we wanted to highlight a few common questions that we are seeing in our Technical Support inbox.

  • PDF and Word Template Guidance: Resident Educators are encouraged to complete either the PDF or the Word templates of the Lesson Reflection forms. Those who try to copy and paste responses from Word to PDF may find that their responses are distorted in the viewer on the submission system 
  • Word Counts for Reflection Form, Question 1: Candidates may write up to 250 words per section of the three section question 1 of the Commentary and Reflection Form.  
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII): The exposure of teacher and colleague names in the submitted video is acceptable.  Also, Resident Educators will not be penalized if there are students in class with names on the back of their sweatshirts. These exposures are not considered blatant PII violations.
  • Video Uploads: There is no minimum length requirement the video segment or to the initial file that the educator uploads prior to the segment selection.  Resident Educators should make sure that the segment selected is sufficient evidence for the assessor to understand and to review their lesson. 
  • SMART Board Viewing Issues: Resident Educators will not be penalized if their SMART Boards are not completely legible in their videos. They are encouraged to speak to the content on the board if it is essential to the lesson. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: The FAQ section of the RESA website provides the common questions and answers on the submission process. If you have a general question that is not there, please feel free to submit an FAQ request through the website and you will receive a response.

While Help Desk phone support is down during this time, please email if you need additional guidance on a particular question. A representative will be back in touch with you within 48 hours.
Have a wonderful holiday and new year, and all the best as you complete the Lesson Reflection this year.
The Ohio RESA Team