RESA Handbook Version 1.1 (updated 2/27/2014)
Updates include:

1. References to Technical FAQs
2. Clarifications for Task 2 (submissions forms)
3. Clarifications to Task 4 (evidence sources)
4. Non-substantive text edits
5. Addendum 1

Note: The information set forth in Handbook Addendum 1 is intended to replace and supersede deadlines that have changed since the publication of the RESA Handbook and to clarify vague or ambiguous directions.  These changes do not impact the individual task instructions, requirements or rubrics. Accordingly, these modifications will not impact any work previously submitted by candidates nor should it impact candidates’ plans for the remaining tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions (updated 2/24/2014)


Teachscape Webinar Series

Video Uploading and Segmenting Webinars (added 1/9/14)

  • Webinar 1 Installing the Ohio RESA Uploader Tool
  • Webinar 2 Uploading Video to the Media Library
  • Webinar 3 Verifying that a Video was Uploaded to the Media Library
  • Webinar 4 Managing Media from the Media Library
  • Webinar 5 Submitting Media from the Media Library for a Task
  • Webinar 6 Segmenting Video that You Are Attaching to a Form


How to Use the Submission System


Instructions & Rubrics From The Handbook v1.1 (updated 11/10/2013)