RESA Assessors

RESA Assessor Registration Is Open

Teachscape is still recruiting Ohio educators to become RESA assessors. Educators who are interested in becoming a RESA assessor and meet the requirements should send an email to Teachscape will then send an activation email to each applicant asking him or her to create an assessor account and complete the assessor Profile.

Additional information for assessors can be found in the FAQs and on the Assessor News page when you log in to your account.

Assessor Training and Scoring Now Scheduled for May through October

Due to the persistent weather-related school closures, the Ohio Department of Education extended the deadline for all RESA Tasks to June 1, 2014. This change in schedule has significant implications for scoring the RESA.

RESA assessor training materials are based on real candidate submissions that are master coded by senior Ohio educators, and used for training RESA assessors to score accurately. Those submissions will be delayed by the new June 1 deadline and as a result, RESA assessor training and scoring is now expected to begin in May and extend into October.

Any assessor questions or scheduling concerns can be sent to